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FREE Solar Energy Zero investment. Company will invest in project. Available for 120kw and above projects. Save more in electricity bill. Only business owners please. Fill up the form

Details are as follows:-

With ZERO INVESTMENT client can get installed Solar PV systems at their location or any common location by signing a Private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA’s) with investors arranged by our Company.

We will sell the generated power to you at a cost less than your current cost of power.

ZERO Upfront Investment

Electricity at discounted Prize

Hassle Free as we manage permits, construction with zero maintenance and operation cost.

No risk: Don't worry about the plant maintenance and life. Pay only for units consumed

Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)at no additional cost.
Go green at no additional cost.

After PPA period Plant will belongs to Client

Who Can Avail?

Any consumer having contract demand, 120 Kw Sanctioned Load and above

Low energy tariff

Low/exempted open access charges on renewable energy by state govt.

Assured savings in monthly electricity bills for next 25years.

Meets RPO requirement

Expected Solar Power Generation 1500kWh/kWp/yr

-Guaranteed Solar Power Generation of 85%

-Power Purchase Agreement for 25 Years

-Lock In Period 10 Years

-Tier 1 System Components

Tariff is exclusive of taxes

-Open Access Charges payable by Client

Documents Required

Balance Sheet for last 3 Year

Credit Rating Report (Financial)

Last 1 Year Electricity Consumption bill

Electrical SLD of Plant

Plant Layout

Call / WhatsApp Rajesh Pusalkar. +91 8424039192

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Here is a Real Story that happened in *Tinsukia District, Assam*...
One fine day, a vegetable seller *Soberan* was coming home with a vegetable prog (thila).
After walking a little while, he heard a baby crying from the bushes.
Soberan stared at his hand and went towards it and saw an innocent child was lying on the heap of garbage and was crying.
Soberane looked around and lifted her in the lap when no one appeared.
Soberan saw that she was a beautiful infant girl. Soberan brought her home.
Soberan was 30 years old at that time and was not even married. Soberan was very happy after finding that girl.
He decided to raise her and not marry!!
Soberan named that girl *Jyoti*.!! Soberan thought he should work hard day and night and did not let her feel the lack of anything. He sends her to school and committed everything He could to fulfill her needs.
Even if he remained hungry, he never let his daughter fall short in anything.
Years passed by.....
*Jyoti* graduated in Computer Science on the year 2013 and She got involved in preparation for Exams.
*In 2014 Jyoti succeeded in the examination of the PCS from the Assam Public Service Commission and was posted as Income Tax Assistant Commissioner*!!!
At present Jyoti is taking good care of her father and fulfilling all his wishes. Even though she insist, her father still runs the vegetable vendor.
Soberan says that:
"*I did not pick a girl from a garbage instead I got a diamond from coal mine which lightens my life and make me feel proud*."
Images of Soberan & His daughter Assistant Commissioner Jyoti.

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क्या आप शराब तंबाकू, गुटका, सिगरेट की लत छोड़ना चाहते हैं?
फोन पर सभी को जानकारी देना संभव नहीं है। कृपया फॉर्म भरें।

आपण तंबाखू, गुटखा, सिगारेट, दारूचे व्यसन सोडू इच्छिता का ?
फोनवर सर्व माहिती देणे शक्य नाही. कृपया फॉर्म भरा.

Do you want to leave the addiction of Alcohol Tobacco, Gutkha, cigarette?
It is not possible to give information to all on phone. please fill up the form.

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महाबँक आरसेटि पुणे तर्फे " अगरबत्ती आणि मेणबत्ती बनविणे " व्यवसायाचे मोफत प्रशिक्षण

बँक ऑफ महाराष्ट्र पुरस्कृत महाबँक ग्रामीण स्वयंरोजगार प्रशिक्षण संस्था (महाबँक आरसेटि), हडपसर पुणे यांच्यातर्फे अगरबत्ती आणि मेणबत्ती बनविणे या व्यवसायावर आधारित प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमाचे आयोजन करण्यात आले आहे. सदर प्रशिक्षण संपूर्ण मोफत असून १० दिवसांचे आहे. निवास व भोजनाची व्यवस्था संस्थेतर्फे विनामूल्य केली जाणार आहे (निवासाची व्यवस्था फक्त पुरुषांची केली जाईल). प्रशिक्षण यशस्वी पूर्ण केल्यानंतर प्रमाणपत्र दिले जाईल.

प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमाची सविस्तर माहिती खालीलप्रमाणे.
१) प्रशिक्षणाचा कालावधी - ०१ ऑगस्ट ते १० ऑगस्ट २०१८
२) प्रशिक्षणाची वेळ - सकाळी १०.०० ते सायं ६.००
३) वयोमर्यादा - १८ ते ४५
४) प्रवेश मर्यादा (प्रशिक्षणार्थी संख्या) - ३५
५) मुलाखतीचा दिनांक – २७ जुलै २०१८ (शुक्रवार)
६) मुलाखतीची वेळ - सकाळी १०.०० ते सायं ६.००
७) आवश्यक कागदपत्रे – i) आधार कार्ड झेरॉक्स
ii) रेशन कार्ड/ पॅन कार्ड झेरॉक्स/ रहिवासी दाखला
iii) एक पासपोर्ट साईझ फोटो

टीप – मुलाखतीशिवाय प्रवेश दिला जाणार नाही.

सदर प्रशिक्षणामध्ये खालील विषयांवर सविस्तर माहिती दिली जाणार आहे.
१) अगरबत्ती- कच्ची, मसाला, सुगंधी, धूप, धूपबत्ती इत्यादींचे तांत्रिक ज्ञान
२) मेणबत्ती- साधी, रंगीत, सुगंधी, , डेकोरेटिव्ह इत्यादींचे तांत्रिक ज्ञान
३) उद्योजकीय सक्षमता आणि संभाषण कौशल्य
४) आत्मविश्वास आणि स्वयंप्रेरणा
५) वेळेचे व्यवस्थापन
६) मार्केटिंग आणि मार्केट सर्व्हे
७) आर्थिक व्यवस्थापन आणि आर्थिक साक्षरता
८) प्रकल्प अवहाल बनविणे
९) बँक कर्ज प्रस्ताव आणि बँक कर्ज योजना
१०) विविध शासकीय अनुदान योजना

अधिक माहितीसाठी आणि प्रवेशासाठी खालील पत्त्यावर संपर्क साधावा.
महाबँक ग्रामीण स्वयंरोजगार प्रशिक्षण संस्था,
जनमंगल बिल्डिंग, तिसरा मजला, बँक ऑफ महाराष्ट्र,
किर्लोस्कर न्यूमॅटिक कंपनी समोर, औद्योगिक वसाहत,
हडपसर (वैदुवाडी बस स्टॉप), पुणे - ४११०१३
दूरध्वनी क्रमांक - ०२०- २६८२१५१४/ २६८२१५१३
गौरव देशपांडे (संचालक) – ९६७३६६०६१६
बी व्ही तोंडारे - ९८५०८८३०४४
फेसबुक पेज - Mahabank Rseti Pune

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To those who have said 'no' and/or laughed: it's okay. I'm going to keep doing this with or without you. I'd love for you to go with me, but this path isn't for everyone. There is so much more to it than what's on the surface. But only certain people will understand. Excited about where God is taking me!

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